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Ortho Development Completes Another Humanitarian Medical Mission

Semi-Annual Mission to Honduras
Ortho Development Completes Another Humanitarian Medical  Mission Image

Aug. 8, 2023

ODEV returned last week from our semi-annual humanitarian medical mission to Honduras, where we completed 43 joint replacement surgeries. A special thanks to Dr. Merlin Antúnez and his exceptional staff at the Holy Family Surgery Center for their hospitality and support. We also recognize that this trip only happened through the selfless sacrifice and effort of the 39 medical and general volunteers who said “yes” to joining us, especially the doctors who provided the anesthesia (Dr. Todd Seymour) and surgical care (Dr. Clint Wooten, Dr. Daniel Chris Allison, and Dr. Christopher Marrero and his resident Dr. Will Hansen).

Brent Bartholomew, President of Ortho Development, participated in the mission and said, "The collective effort of these extraordinary individuals, who generously contributed their expertise, time and financial support, has undoubtedly left a mark in a country where people do not have ready access to surgical care. The ripple effect of these transformative surgeries extends beyond measure, significantly impacting the patients' lives, their families, and the broader communities they are part of."

ODEV’s collaboration with One World Surgery began in 2017 and has evolved from donating implants to fully sponsoring missions to Honduras, including recruiting the medical and general volunteers needed to organize and execute the joint replacement surgeries and mission logistics.

For those interested in getting involved, visit One World Surgery to learn more.

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