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KASM® Knee Articulating Spacer Mold

KASM® patented¹ Knee Articulating Spacer Molds are sterile, disposable cement spacer molds available for both the femur and tibia. The spacer molds are intended for use in patients undergoing two-stage revision knee surgery for an infected total joint. KASM preserves range of motion, joint space, soft tissue tension, and allows for ambulation with a mobility assisted device.
  • Treat Infection While Maintaining Mobility
KASM® Knee Articulating Spacer Mold Image
Knee Articulating Spacer Mold

• Flexible and transparent molds to fill with antibiotic-laden bone cement and place directly on the bone to cure.

• Open molds may be overfilled to accommodate for bony defects.

• Customize the tibial spacer thickness to match the gap between femur and resected tibial surface.

• Molds designed to create spacers with smooth articular surfaces.

• Match patient anatomy every time with spacers that have the correct shape, size, and position.

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¹ US Patent No. 6,942,475

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KASM® Surgical Summary