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Entrada® Hip System

The Entrada Hip Stem integrates a wealth of clinical history—hydroxyapatite coating, compaction broaching, taper wedge geometry—and provides critical refinements—progressive neck lengths, consistent proximal body growth, shorter distal stem lengths—creating a dynamic combination of features that benefit patient and surgeon. Entrada is History Refined.
  • Full HA Coating (155μm)
  • Progressive Neck Lengths
  • Taper Wedge Geometry
  • Compaction Broaching Surgical Technique
Entrada® Hip System Image
Entrada System

Entrada is offered in collared and collarless options in 14 standard and extended sizes

Full HA coating (155μm) combined with compaction broaching promotes early osteointegration and long-term fixation

Progressive neck lengths allow intraoperative flexibility in the majority of femoral neck geometries

Extended offset delivers direct lateralization without affecting leg length

Image for Entrada System

Tapered collar enhances visualization during insertion

Stepped geometry converts circumferential stresses into compression loads

Vertical grooves aid in rotational stability

Horizontal grooves aid in axial stability

Image for Entrada Stem

Optimized lateral shoulder enables ease of insertion in a variety of approaches

The Entrada stem is distally shorter verses competitive designs and its uniform size transitions of 1mm allow for predictable broaching and ease of use

Femoral Heads

Cobalt Chrome and BIOLOX®delta Ceramic

Available in sizes 28mm-40mm

Image for Femoral Heads
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Entrada® Hip Stem Product Info
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Entrada® Hip Stem Surgical Technique